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Competitive Exam Formula eBook PDF Download

Hello friends today we are sharing an e book of formula for Competitive exam .In this book you can get all useful formulas from Arithmetic,Algebra,Geometry,Mensuration,Trigonometry .We hope this may be helpful for you . As maths is a common part of every competitive examination like SSC,IBPS,Railways.This book has formula from basic level to advanced level. The contents list of this book is given  below .Please find download link below.
Formula eBook

Book Type - eBook
File Size-8 MB
File Type-PDF

Contents :
  • Signs used in mathematics


  • Type of numbers
  • Metric system
  • number system
  • Average
  • Division
  • LCM and HCF
  • Time and Distance
  • Ratio and Proportional
  • Simple Interest
  • Compound Interest
  • Loss and Profit


  • Law of addition
  • Law of Subtraction
  • Law of Multiplication
  • Law of division
  • Law of Indices
  • Law to solve In equation


  • Definitions of all geometry  


  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Right angle Triangle
  • Equilateral Triangle
  • Isosceles Triangle
  • Scalene Triangle
  • Parallelogram
  • Trapezium
  • Rhombus
  • Circle
  • Rectangular Parallelepiped
  • Cube
  • Right circular Cylinder
  • Pyramid
  • Right Circular Cone
  • Sphere


  • General formula 

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